Conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type int in a JOIN

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So we have a SQL Server Stored Procedure that has a JOIN using a data column that is defined in the "To Be" Joined Table as INT. The data column in our joining criteria is defined as a data type NVARCHAR(100). So the SQL Server Stored Procedure is failing with "Conversion failed when converting the varchar value to data type int."

How can I get around this within the JOIN criteria and handle if the joining data column is NOT Numeric?

Thanks for your review and am hopeful for a reply.

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  1. Tom Cooper 8,026 Reputation points

    Assuming your first table is named A with a column named MyIntColumn of type int and your second table is named B with a column named MyNVarcharColumn of type nvarchar, you could do

    From A
    Inner Join B On A,MyIntColumn = Try_Cast(B.MyNVarcharColumn As int) 


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  2. Guoxiong 7,681 Reputation points

    You can use TRY_CAST() or TRY_CONVERT() to convert the varchar value to data type int. If the conversion fails, it returns NULL.

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  3. EchoLiu-MSFT 14,416 Reputation points

    Hi @Bobby P ,
    You can try to convert the int data column to nvarchar type through the cast or convert function.(CAST and CONVERT (Transact-SQL))

    I wrote an example for testing, please refer to:

    CREATE TABLE #tblTest  
    (FileData varchar(MAX),  
    num nvarchar(25))  
    INSERT INTO #tblTest values ('TEST1;Testing 123;',1)  
    INSERT INTO #tblTest values ('TEST2;Testing.234;',2)  
    INSERT INTO #tblTest values ('TEST3;Testing 345;',3)  
    INSERT INTO #tblTest values ('TEST4;Testing 456;',4)  
    INSERT INTO #tblTest values ('TEST5;Testing5.67;',5)  
    create table test  
    (id int)  
    insert into test values('1'),('2'),('5')     
    select * from #tblTest a  
    join test b  
    on a.num=cast( as nvarchar(25))  
    drop table #tblTest  
    drop table test  


    I have solved similar problems on msdn, you can refer to:
    [Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '],' to data type int.

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