Using legacy toolset in VS2019

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Question: How can I use the toolset from VS2005 in VS2019 ?

As I've seen from stuck-on-an-older-toolset-? it is possible to use older toolsets but the post only shows how to achieve this back to VS2008. It seems there is no "real" toolset for 2005.
Only a community based toolset called Daffodil is availaible. Unfortunately I do not know how this works exactly and I have no idea how to get this in the dropdown menu of VS2019.

Background: I ran in the situation to compile an native dynamic library X.dll (previously compiled with VS2005) which has to link with B.lib and C.lib. These static libs have dependencies on the CRT of VS 2005 and cannot be changed. X.dll itself is consumed by an application A.exe, which is surprisingly compiled with VS2012. We do not have the source for this application either.
As i do not want to get trapped by incompatibility regarding ABI etc, I assume it might be the safest to use th old toolchain ( = VS2005).
Is this correct or is there another approch ?

One I can think of is to wrapp B.lib and C.lib in a D.dll to get rid of VS2005.
X.dll exposes a plain old C-API

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