MSIX package stack trace without line numbers

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I have a C# project built with Visual Studio 2019. In the Build options I have selected "PDB-only" for Debugging information (but tried also "Full").
When creating App Packages I check "Include public symbol files".
When the program is installed with this package and crashes, the stack trace does not include line numbers. When I copy the Release folder to the target machine and run it from there, the strack trace includes line numbers.
Looking in this forum I found
This thread ends with "Yes, it seems windows store does not support it.". It was posted in March 2015 and I hope since then something has changed, e.g. the option "Include public symbol files" was added. I mean: why adding public symbols, if not for the sake of a stack trace with line numbers?
I also tried to add the PDB-file by adding
<Content Include="....pdb" />
in the wapproj-file, but the PDB-file was not added, whereas a file with a different extension was added in the correct folder.
What else can I do to get line numbers in stack trace, when program is installed from MSIX-package?

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