consistant timeout when visit one website on windonws 10

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This issue only happens about 4 weeks ago. When I visit Netsuite support site and check some support answers there, it consistently gives me the error of "connections are time out" after the page is loaded. And because of the error, I couldn't scroll down to see full page, or do anything such as printing, copy etc. I've noticed it does not happen to every answer page, but to the majority of them. In the meantime, I have no problem visiting other website, youtube, google, email, etc. on the same internet and same computer. I also have no problem visiting Netsuite support site and checking out those answer pages on my Mac using the same internet. So I can confirm it is not Netsuite website issue. I also can tell it is not my wifi or internet blocking anything, since I don't have a problem seeing the website with a different device.

On my windows 10, I've tried using wifi, and a wired connection, but no help. I also tried it on different browsers Internet Edge, Chrome, incognito, no help. I've cleared my browner caches cookies, data doesn't help either. I've changed my DNS server to and restarted my computer, doesn't help. I turn off my McAfee, no help.

I think I've tried all things I could think of or know of. And really desperate now because the site is one of my primary working sites. Again, 4 weeks ago, I had no problem visiting the same pages of the site using the same internet and same device. I did not change any computer settings intentionally or install anything new.

I'm not a tech guy so my ability is very limited. Has anyone ever encountered a similar problem? I will appreciate your advice. I really need someone to help me out. ;(

Thank you so much!

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