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Andy S 26 Reputation points

With the release of FSL 2201, specific to a Windows 10 multi-session environment in Azure: "Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-session and Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-session natively support per-user search indexes and FSLogix Search Indexing is no longer available on those operating systems", what is the correct configuration to accomplish this?

MS appears to have outdated documentation regarding the fixes in FSL 2201: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/fslogix/configure-search-roaming-ht#configure-multi-user-search

According to bloggers, RoamSearch should be ZERO in order to get Search to function, therefore shouldn't the following GPO settings be configured this way:

FSLogix > Enable search roaming > Disabled
FSLogix/Office 365 Containers > Store search database in Office 365 container > Disabled
FSLogix/Profile Containers > Store search database in profile container > Disabled

Are those settings correct, and are there any other settings missed to accomplish what is mentioned in FSL 2201 to configure Search correctly?

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  1. Dirk Haex 81 Reputation points

    Since Server 2019 (Windows 10 multi user), Windows Search support per-user search indexes, thus enabling search roaming is not advised.
    Only until server 2016 this was required. I have set up an amount of RDS environments including windows 10 multi user (AVD).


    FSLogix 2201 and newer do not allow FSLogix Search roaming on versions of Windows that natively provide per-user search indexes. Per-user search indexes are natively supported by Windows Server 2019 version 1809 and newer, as well as all versions of Windows 10 multi-session and Windows 11 multi-session.

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  2. NoIdeaWhatI'mDoing 1 Reputation point

    I'm having major delays in logging off and on my FSLOGIX profiles on Server 2022 RDSH farm saying it's waiting for Windows Search and Outlooks keep crashing and freezing and I've ran the frx list-redirects command as I've found in another post but I can't see the search has been redirected ? I have search roaming enabled along with storing the search database in the profile container only (and I've tried it in the O365 container only as well)
    Are we saying that that we should disable search roaming and storing the search databases in FSLOGIX on Server 2022 ? I've got version 2.9.8228 of FSLOGIX by the way so I'm assuming that's 2201 or later ?

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  3. Dirk Haex 81 Reputation points

    Search roaming may not be enabled. It is multiuser by default in the userprofile as from server 2019.
    Make sure you set RoamSearch to 0 if not done already.

    Just enable windows search and make sure to set RoamSearch to 0 if you have enabled it before.
    That should suffice to make this work.