Powershell script to move and rename files and storing into a variable

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Honestly I'm going into powershell pretty cold with a very basic knowledge. I've been searching but I'm having trouble finding out how to do specific elements of what I'm looking to do, namely grab a filename, put it into a variable and use that variable several times before the script ends.

I want to read the filename of MainImage.jpg and store it into a variable.

Then copy it to z:\WEB1

then copy-tem \path\image2.jpg to z:WEB2

then rename image2 in z:\WEB2 to the filename stored in the variable.

and so on 2 more times, image3 to WEB3, rename from variable, image 4 to WEB4, rename from variable

Any help to get me unstuck? Brain is a bit melted and having trouble figuring it out on my own.


Windows Server PowerShell
Windows Server PowerShell
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    Is this what you mean?

    $n = Read-Host "Enter file name (MainImage.jpg)"
    Copy-Item -Path .\$n -Destination z:\WEB1   # <=== ASSUMES the current directory (".") in the Path value. Change it to whatever is correct!
    Copy-Item -Path \path\image2.jpg -Destination "z:\WEB2\$n"
    Copy-Item -Path \path\image3.jpg -Destination "z:\WEB3\$n"
    Copy-Item -Path \path\image4.jpg -Destination "z:\WEB4\$n"

    The "\path\" part used in the Copy-Item doesn't look correct for a UNC name, and it should have either a "." or a "X:" if it's a file system path (where "X" is, of course, whatever drive letter is appropriate)

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