[UWP] [C++] How do I set theme as system default?

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I'm trying to create an app setting in c++ uwp and it has three radio buttons: "Light" "Dark" and "System Default". How do get the system default (light, dark, etc.) when I initialize the app? Thank you.

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    Save "System Theme" to app data and on app initialization, do this:

    auto DefaultTheme = ref new Windows::UI::ViewManagement::UISettings();
    auto uiTheme = DefaultTheme->GetColorValue(Windows::UI::ViewManagement::UIColorType::Background).ToString();
    if (uiTheme == "#FF000000")
        App::Current->RequestedTheme = ApplicationTheme::Dark;
    else if (uiTheme == "#FFFFFFFF")
        App::Current->RequestedTheme = ApplicationTheme::Light;

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