Problem with desktop bridge app packaging

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When trying to package my desktop app as a UWP app using visual studio, I get the following errors:

GENERATEPROJECTPRIFILE : error : PRI175: 0x80073b0f - Processing Resources failed with error: Duplicate Entry. [C:\Jenkins\appDirectory\AppProject.wapproj]

GENERATEPROJECTPRIFILE : error : PRI278: 0xdef00531 - 'Files/App/defaultgeometryloader.dll' or one if its parents is defined as both resource and scope, which is not allowed. [C:\Jenkins\appDirectory\AppProject.wapproj]

Looking for these errors on the net points me to some xamarin and other .net app issues, but my app is a basic C++ app.

Any clue as to what might be happening?


Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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