How to associate public IP to classic load balancer after migrating to Cloud Service (extended support)

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I am manually redeploying a cloud service classic project to Cloud service(extended support) . I followed this guide.

I have added my ip name to my .cscfg file in visual studio


       <ReservedIP name="xxxxxxx" />


when I deploy if get this error.

Reserved IP xxxxxxxis not found in loadBalancerConfigurations/frontendIPConfigurations section. Please ensure that the reserved IP is referenced through the publicIPAddress field in the loadBalancerConfigurations/frontendIPConfigurations section and retry. For more details please refer to the network profile section of the ARM template

When I try to use the portal and associate my public IP to the new Classic Load balance I get this error.

Failed to save IP configueration change for load balancer 'xxx'. Error:Load balancer with SKU Classic cannot be updated using PUT LoadBalancer operation. Use Put Microsoft.Compute/cloudServices instead.


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