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There have been a few hangs reported for my UWP app in the Partner Center lately:


I can't reproduce this. Does anyone have any idea how I can narrow this down?

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You could try to integrate App Center SDK in your project, and when your app crashes, App Center Crashes will automatically generate a crash log. It will show more information about crash for you to help fix it.

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I already use the AppCenter, but only Analytics to send exceptions (handled and unhandled) with name and stacktrace as event. Probably no exceptions will occur with these hangers. So I don't see any such messages in AppCenter Analytics.

I don't use Crashes yet. Does Crashes automatically send such hangers with further information to the AppCenter?

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You can try to use Crashes first. When your app crashes, it will automatically generate a crash log.

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Hi, does the Crashes help? do you have any other question?

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