How can I reset the password on an Azure Mysql Flexible instance?

EJ Marmonti 126 Reputation points

I've been struggling for a few days now with an Azure Mysql flexible instance. I can still connect to it with the lesser privileged user accounts I created and access the data, however I need to take a mysqldump of all the data so I need to use the admin account. For reference, this is a Mysql 5.7 flexible instance configured with private access (vnet integration).

The problem is, when I try to reset the password of the server admin login account, it fails. The most recent failure says this, which is not helpful: "An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: 'e65ac5b8-3f87-419d-b004-3cf4b3091ed7'", "An unexpected error occured while processing the request. Tracking ID: 'c4c7be46-c64c-4864-bf95-1dc47d45c87d'", etc.

Sometimes this error happens reasonably fast, within 30 seconds, but yesterday it was actually spinning for 45+ minutes under my Notifications before it would fail.

How can I debug this? I need to get our data out of this mysql instance into a local mysql backup file.

Thank you

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  1. Oury Ba-MSFT 11,271 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Thank you @EJ Marmonti for posting your query on Microsoft Q&A.

    From my understanding you are trying to reset your password for MYSQL flexible server using the Azure portal. You also mention that you need to take a mysqldump so you want to use the admin account
    Could you please make sure some of the admin privileges was not deleted? Are you using the admin account to reset password?

    Could you please try to use CLI to update the password?

    az mysql flexible-server update --resource-group myresourcegroup --name mydemoserver --admin-password <new-password>

    Please let me know if the issue still occurs.


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  1. EJ Marmonti 126 Reputation points

    It worked via the CLI! A good workaround for now. Thank you

  2. Pariks-MSFT 1 Reputation point Microsoft Employee

    Hi @EJ Marmonti - For us to investigate why reset admin password wasnt working for you from portal. Could you please send us your email contact AskAzureDBforMySQL@abdou so we can follow up with you. Thanks !!!

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