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I set up Co-Management, verified my device was Hybrid AAD Joined and then added it to the Pilot collection. I have no workloads setup yet on the SCCM side. On the Intune side, I see the device listed under Windows devices and it says it is Managed by Co-managed. I have 3 other devices that were Hybrid AAD Joined that list in the devices that show they are managed by ConfigMgr.

When I select my Co-managed device, I see Retire, Wipe, etc at the top of the screen, and on the left side under Monitor I see Hardware, Discovered apps, etc through Filter evaluation. When I select any of the devices managed by ConfigMgr, as expected, I do not see the Retire, Wipe, etc at the top of the screen. On the left side, under Monitor, I see Hardware, Recovery keys, User experience, and then Resource explorer, Client details, Timeline, Collections, Applications.

Why am I not seeing Client details, Timeline, Collections, etc. for the co-managed device? Do I have to set up workloads before these options are there or am I stuck waiting for something to sync?

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  1. Matt Dillon 1,211 Reputation points

    Are you kidding me? The minute I hit Post I rechecked and now I see everything I am supposed to? For the record, I removed the extra entry in AAD that had the device listed as AAD Registered, rebooted my laptop, and then waited overnight. When I checked a few minutes ago, it was incorrect until I forced a sync and by the time I finished typing everything it self corrected.

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  2. Matt Dillon 1,211 Reputation points

    So I added two VM's and seeing the same results - both VM's say Co-Managed in Intune console and on Control Panel Configuration Manager app on each device, but I am not seeing the Applications, CMPivot, etc. I would really like to figure out the process of what needs to sync. With these, there is a good chance a proxy server is part of the solution/problem. Going to reimage a regular physical laptop to see what needs to happen to get to full co-management with all features enabled in Intune. Any direction or logs to check would be welcomed.

  3. Matt Dillon 1,211 Reputation points

    Figured out the issue. The VMWare VM's were in a bad state in AAD. I removed them from Intune and AAD, and then ran dsregcmd /debug /leave and then rebooted. Gave it some time and they rejoined as Hybrid AD Joined devices and a few syncs later they were fixed.

    Ultimately the answer to these questions is that the device has to be in AAD as Hybrid AD Joined only and not AAD Registered as well or any other state. I was under the impression that they AAD registered devices would clean themselves up, but that is not happening. Once I manually delete the AAD registered listing in AAD, anything listed in Intune as Co-managed will then show all the options under Monitor that you should see along with the reset, wipe, etc commands at the top.

    Bottom line - Hybrid AD Join devices only and then co-management will work 100% If anyone can explain why the dual entry is not cleaning itself up, that would be the cat's meow.

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