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What is the recommended way to backup table storages? There seems to be no managed service which is able to do that?

Azure Table Storage
Azure Table Storage
An Azure service that stores structured NoSQL data in the cloud.
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  1. GeethaThatipatri-MSFT 28,537 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi, anonymous user Thanks for the ask and for using the Microsoft Q&A platform.
    I understand that you want to know how to take a backup of your Azure Table Storage Data.

    There's no built-in backup service for table storage, or "snapshot" feature (which blobs have): You'll need to perform your own copy operation, from one table to another:

    There's a REST API available along with SDKs, PowerShell cmdlets, CLI commands, and AzCopy (all built upon the API).
    There are also some 3rd-party tools (scripts) you can search for, but how you accomplish your table-copying is up to you.

    Table storage is the most durable storage – it is triple-replicated within a region (and optionally geo-replicated to another region). Even if storage becomes unavailable in the primary region, you'd have the option of reading from the paired region (assuming you enabled your storage account to be geo-redundant). Although keep in mind that this is not the same as a backup – if you delete an entity in a table, that deletion is replicated everywhere.
    Storage-copying (copying entities out of a table, to another table) will be the same, regardless of subscription.

    In my opinion, the best way to make a backup is to use AzCopy as this handles the backend part in the most efficient and performant way.
    Copy or move data to Azure Storage by using AzCopy v10 | Microsoft Learn

    Another option, which offers a GUI, would be the Storage Explorer Desktop version:
    Azure Storage Explorer – cloud storage management | Microsoft Azure

    Please let us know if you need any additional information.


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  1. The Byte Stuff 5 Reputation points

    I have created and published a tool to assist with backup and restore of Azure Tables.

    Source is on github and package is on Nuget. There is a command line option available too. I have not updated it yet to the 6.0.0 version of the package.

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  2. 2022-04-21T08:49:37.677+00:00

    But azcopy does not make copies of the tables as I see in the documentation. It's fine to copy files and blobs, but I don't see that it's a solution for what you're asking.