Clicking on load filter does nothing!

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Clicking/hovering on load filter does nothing! I Am using Process Monitor x64 ver: 3.61. I Am launched as admin...

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  1. empleat 126 Reputation points

    Bump. Why no one answers on these forums???

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  2. RLWA32 41,826 Reputation points

    It seems that Load Filter has been broken for quite some time. The following item discusses the problem and also includes a workaround (not tested by me).


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  3. empleat 126 Reputation points

    Problem with that solution is: I don't have yet any filters loaded in ProcessMonitor! I downloaded a PMF file, how Am supposed to rewrite it to hex??? Since they did it by changing just a name i.e. Filter# to FilterRules=hex{binary data}. But I don't have any filters yet loaded to procmon...

    Isn't there some alternative archive download source I avoid sites like sourceforge etc....

  4. Dav3ywrx 1 Reputation point

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate these tools.
    I must use a tool from the Sysinternals Suite every day in the job that I'm doing. They are an absolute life saver!

    I see that Process Monitor V3.92 has now been released recently and I'm keenly awaiting a fix to address the 'Load Filter' issue in Process Monitor.

    Currently (if it helps other users), I've had to go the the effort of exporting the registry for each of my filters and placing them in '.REG' files so that I can double click on them to import the filter before starting Process Monitor.

    So, for example, I have a file called 'PM - Filter - ***** Import Location' and it then contains:


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Sysinternals\Process Monitor]


    It's great that enhancements are being made to these tools to keep up with progress, but it would also be great to address current functionality that was broken along the way.

    I note that the Filter is saved perfectly and can also be renamed / organised correctly in the latest release, it's just that the filter is not actually loaded when selected. There's not even an attempt to read the registry entry when the 'Load' menu is selected. You can tell by using... You guessed it..... Process Monitor.

    Fingers crossed this gets some development time and thanks again for all the efforts.

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  5. Dav3ywrx 1 Reputation point

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to the development team.

    It would appears that Process Monitor x64 V3.93 addresses this issue where a saved filter is not loaded.

    Good work - Appreciate it!

    Credit where it's due :)

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