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I am looking to enforce a default route to hit a specific proxy for generic traffic. I have been able to make sure that this default route table gets created with policies similar to the below, but I cannot seem to do anything about people deleting it?

"policyType": "Custom",
"mode": "All",
"displayName": "create_default_route",
"description": "Create a route table entry for",
"policyRule": {
"if": {
"count": {
"field": "Microsoft.Network/routeTables/routes[]",
"where": {
"allOf": [
"field": "Microsoft.Network/routeTables/routes[
"equals": "[parameters('DefaultGW')]"
"field": "Microsoft.Network/routeTables/routes[].addressPrefix",
"equals": ""
"notEquals": 1
"then": {
"effect": "modify",
"details": {
"roleDefinitionIds": [
"conflictEffect": "deny",
"operations": [
"operation": "addOrReplace",
"field": "Microsoft.Network/routeTables/routes[
"value": {
"name": "DEFAULT",
"properties": {
"addressPrefix": "",
"nextHopType": "VirtualAppliance",
"nextHopIpAddress": "[parameters('DefaultGW')]",
"hasBgpOverride": false
"parameters": {
"DefaultGW": {
"type": "String",
"defaultValue": "",
"metadata": {
"displayName": "Default Gateway IP",
"description": "A route table will be created by default for to this IP."
"id": "/subscriptions/XXXXXXXXXXXX/providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
"type": "Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions"

Azure Policy
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  1. SwathiDhanwada-MSFT 18,551 Reputation points

    @Tom White Apologies for late response. Currently, Azure Policy evaluates as follows

    • Greenfield (New or Updated Resources): Is run on a PUT or PATCH call to ARM
    • Brownfield (existing resources): Only evaluated for compliance

    DELETE Rest API isn't evaluated by policy as of now. In your scenario, you can't restrict the deletion of route tables using azure policy. However, when the policy evaluation is done, the rule will be automatically added to the route table.

    There is an open feedback item for the same. I would recommend you navigate here and share your feedback or suggestions directly with the responsible Azure feature team and clicking the vote button of your suggestion to raise visibility and priority on it.