How do I know what size Azure VM supports nested virtualization?

David 41 Reputation points

I guess I am looking for documentation that doesn't seem to exist.

I need to spin up a VM on which I will be running a docker application.
This requires nested virtualization.
The VM size I picked does not appear to support it.

All I can find it some old docs saying that it is enabled on an older Size.
How do I find the availability for the current set of available sizes?

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Azure Virtual Machines
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  1. Devaraj G 2,176 Reputation points

    Hi David,

    Dv3 and Ev3 VM sizes supports the nested virtualisation.

    Also you can looks for machine type in azure docs to find if the nested virtualisation is supported.



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  1. Andriy Bilous 8,731 Reputation points

    Hello @David

    Azure supports nested virtualization only on new sizes that introduce Hyper-Threading Technology running on the Intel processors
    Here is a list of Azure VM Sizes that support Nested Virtualization:

    • D_v3
    • Ds_v3
    • Dv4
    • Dsv4
    • Ddv4
    • Ddsv4
    • E_v3
    • Es_v3
    • Ev4
    • Esv4
    • Edv4
    • Edsv4
    • F2s_v2 – F72s_v2
    • FX4 – FX48
    • M

    The VM sizes mentioned above, are the current ones that support nested virtualization. List could be updated in future, please see documentation

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  2. Tin Tse 5 Reputation points

    Perhaps adding a filter options in azure portal when creating a VM? I don't want to spend time searching for this post to find what type of vm supports nested virtualization every time I create a new VM.

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  3. Numa Mendes de Oliveira Neto 0 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi, actually using this list that supports nested virtualization, I can't enable Hyper-V role. I already tried change location; I was using spot instance but remove them wasn't work. In all cases, the error was the same: the virtualization support was disabled at Bios level. what can I do?

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