Windows 10 or Hardware Problem? Explorer is getting crazy slow even after a fresh install. Provided Video.

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Hi Windows Community,

I have a freshly installed Windows 10, I just installed all my software and everything seems fine. The only laggy thing is the Windows Explorer. But it's lagging heavily. (See Video

I tried to fix it with various fixing mechanisms I found on the internet.

Like fixing corrupt Windows files or adapting Explorer.exe Settings and such...

But nothing worked for me, is there anyone who can help me out on this?

My System: Tripple Monitor Setup 60hz, 180hz, 60hz (left to right, all connected to GPU)
i7-9700K (Intel)
RTX 2070 Super (Rog Strix Asus)
32GB RAM, (g.skill ddr4)
C:\ M.2 NVMe (Samsung pretty fast)
D:\ SSD (Default SSD speed)
E:\ HDD (Slow ofc but Healthy)
ASRock Z390 Extreme4 Mainboard

The weirdest thing is that this gets crazier and crazier the longer I have my system running. At some point I need to restart it, otherwise, it gets unusable.

Don't hesitate to be technical.
Maybe there is a way to debug through?

Any tips are appreciated.

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Windows 10
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  1. Nur1 1 Reputation point

    I contacted Microsoft Support for this and we have fixed the issue.
    It blew my mind as my Explorer got faster even if there is no reason for this method to be effective but here are the steps I did.

    • Open cleanmgr
    • Select Windows installation drive
    • Click on "Clean up system files" (bottom left-sided button)
    • Again select the windows installation drive
    • Select all of the entries in the list above
    • Click ok and confirm.
    • Restart PC

    And weirdly, even though my PC was already reset. The explorer was faster.
    At this point I don't know if cleanmgr is just a cleanup tool, I think it does a bit more.

    Tbh, because of the struggle, I had overall I am unsure if this is a permanent solution but it definitely helped.
    Maybe this helps someone out one day.

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