Why Image moderation racy scores is 93% in a total no racy pictures?

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i'm working on a content moderation pipeline for my company, i'm testing the Azure Content moderator, Specifically, the Image Moderator.

All seemed to be fine until i tried to moderate "people-on-the-beach" pictures.
you can see the pics attached.

All of this three images return a racy score in the range 90%-94%, clearly these aren't racy images, i wonder why the content moderator is doing this.

Some suggestion:

  • Can be a image size problem? maybe they are of a wrong dimension that confuse the models?
  • Extension problem? what takes to analyze jpg or png images? the analysis change?
  • Color problem? maybe the color confuse the model? B&W images can be the solution?

I hope you can help me, and if you want, you can suggest me some alternatives in order to do image moderation?

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