Fail to start MSSQLSERVER 2016 service after windows server 2016 patch

TracyLiang 41 Reputation points

Last night there is windows server 2016 patch installed, and then we found the mssqlserver 2016 service failed with error.

Now we have rollbacked the windows patch KB5012596, but the mssqlserver 2016 service still failed to start with bellow error:
Unable to load user-specified certificate [Cert Hash(sha1) "19A4C4FD63C459C802DC7FEBA8A0854CDF04EC2E"]. The server will not accept a connection. You should verify that the certificate is correctly installed. See "Configuring Certificate for Use by SSL" in Books Online.

Please kindly guide how to recover the service quickly. Many thanks!


  1. windows server 2016 patch:

2) MSSQLSERVER 2016 service failure error.
3) Sql configuration management;

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 103.5K Reputation points MVP

    I googled on "TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x80092004, status code 0x80" and "Cannot find object or property." and found these links that may help you:

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 103.5K Reputation points MVP

    My gut feeling is that this is a matter of registry corruption. The Windows patch is unlikely to have anything do with it - except that you had to restart the machine, whereupon the corruption started to hurt.

    I should immediately repeat that this is just gut feeling - or a guess, if you like. So don't run away to take actions based on this.

    One thing that would help would be to see the SQL Server errorlog. There can be errors there leading up to the final errors that can give more information.

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  2. TracyLiang 41 Reputation points

    @Erland: Thank you so much for your reply.
    I tried to start the MSSQLSERVER service and see the all error event logs as bellow, please kindly give your guide how to fix it. Many appreciations!

  3. TracyLiang 41 Reputation points

    @Erland: Thank you. I have viewed SQL Server error log, and there are bellow error log files after patching of windows server 2016 ; obviously the problem still exists after rollbacking the patch.
    Please kindly guide how to fix it. Many appreciations!

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  4. TracyLiang 41 Reputation points

    @Erland: Thank you so much. I checked the property in SQL Server Configuration Manager, the certificate is empty.

    And I have chosen the server self-signed certificate to apply it and then restart still with error, the SQL Server error log is as bellows:

    It seems that the certificate still has problem, please kindly guide it. Many appreciations!

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