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I've enabled traffic of TCP and UDP protocols on port 22 of the relevant IP, the server is having the proper certificate working fine with the Email server. But now I cannot connect to server SFTP even if I've set up FTP with SSL on the server.

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  1. MotoX80 32,531 Reputation points

    Please be specific. You are referencing 2 different protocols.

    FTP listens on port 21. Typically, FTP is installed as part of IIS and is hosted by the "Microsoft FTP Service".
    FTPS is FTP over SSL on port 21 and is also hosted by IIS.
    SFTP listens on port 22. It is typically implemented as part of the OpenSSH feature of Windows.


    You have to do basic troubleshooting yourself. Forum users have no way of knowing what you have configured on your server.

    Use Computer Management and verify that the service is running.

    Use the netstat tool to verify that your system has a process listening on the correct port.


    On a different machine use Powershell's Test-NetConnection cmdlet to test connectivity to the port.


  2. Peter_1985 2,586 Reputation points

    I cannot connect to that host name and want to know how to verify if the certificate is correct or not.

  3. MotoX80 32,531 Reputation points

    Are there multiple people sharing the Jackson1990 account? Do you folks not talk to each other?

    We've already been through this problem. Multiple forum users have already explained troubleshooting steps.


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