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I was using the Cognitive Services > TTS feature, and noticed that some of the neural voices have disappeared. In particular was the one known as 'Davis', that I know existed as of 3/22 and is now missing as of 4/16.

I am curious of the product life cycle on voices, in particular if there is a schedule (adding / retirement).

High quality voices are critical to my business needs, and while I can expect changes as a part of business, I need to know if the TTS service is something we can count on with future persistence. (aka Voices being available over a foreseeable time) or if this is more of a temp / toy service and is unstable for future concerns at best?

Please understand that I have a background with MS, and would prefer not to have to shop around however I need product stability over brand loyalty.

Please advise

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    Hello @Roasted Phoenix LLC @Oxueillirep

    I am sorry for your experinece again, I just got confirmation from product manager of TTS, the voice of Davis and other voices are in private preview but by mistake the engineering team showed it to public. When they found the bug, they rerolled the release. I am sorry about that, the engineering team will target releasing it on May 9th, please stay tuned.

    In the future, the engineering team will avoid same issue happens again, they will not delete any existing voice unless officially announced deprecation. Please let us know if you still have any concern. Thanks.


    -Pleaase kindly accept the answer if you feel helpful to support the community, thanks a lot.

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  1. Oxueillirep 131 Reputation points

    I found the release notes quite helpful to stay updated about latest changes in voices supported and phased-out: