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Suppose i have a table where i am storing ID and Quarter value like

1 1Q 2010
2 2Q 2010
3 3Q 2010
4 4Q 2010
5 FY 2010

100 1Q 2030

ID is auto number.

i want to get sql where i will pass quarter value 4Q 2010 and sql return value like

PrevID PrevQuarter CurrID CurrQuarter
3 3Q 2010 4 4Q 2010

please tell me how to compose a sql which return value like this way with immediate previous quarter data.

i got few links on this topic


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    Welcome to Microsoft T-SQL Q&A Forum!

    The two reference documents you gave already point in the right direction, using the lag function to access a row with a specified physical offset before moving forward. Look this example,

    select (ID, Value) from table as table1 join  
    inner join table as table2  
    on table1.ID = (table2.ID -1)  

    if you look at it carefully, just to find the ID number of the previous row, LAG is shown here to make it easier to implement.Naomi also gave the answer, and here I use a subfunction.


    Create table #test  
     ID int identity(1,1),  
     Quarter nvarchar(20)  
     insert into #test values  
     ('1Q 2010'),  
      ('2Q 2010'),  
       ('3Q 2010'),  
        ('4Q 2010'),  
      ('FY 2010')  
    select * from #test  
    select PrevID,PrevQuarter,CurrID,CurrQuarter  
    select Lag(ID,1) over(order by ID)PrevID ,LAG(Quarter,1)over(order by ID)PrevQuarter,  
    ID as CurrID,Quarter as CurrQuarter   
    from #test  
    where CurrID=4  

    ->>>>Note that I used parameters in the lag function. If you can test the effect of changing 1 to 2, you will find that you can get the offset of the first two lines.
    Best regards,
    Bert Zhou

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  1. Naomi 7,361 Reputation points

    ;with cte as (select LAG(ID) OVER (order by ID) as PreviousID, LAG(Quarter) OVER (order by ID) as PrevQuarter, ID as CurrID, Quarter as CurrQuarter from DatesInfo)

    select * from DatesInfo where CurrQuarter = '4Q 2010' -- this is assuming that data are loaded in the same order as ID

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