Determine if a string is numeric in Office Scripts

Janine White 1 Reputation point

How do I determine if a string is numeric in Office Scripts if the string cannot have any letters in it? For example, 'a1234' should not be a number. The Number methods like parsefloat, parseInt, IsInteger, and isNan don't help because they accept strings that have any numbers in them when wrapped in Number (Number(value) or +value) or don't accept strings.

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  1. Brian Gonzalez 76 Reputation points

    I show that when the string 'a1234' is passed into Number.IsInteger(), the value is false:

    function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook){
      let str: string = "a1234"
      console.log(Number.isInteger(str)) //false

    Is this what you were expecting? If not, what were you expecting? Or what are you trying to achieve?

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