How to reproduce the process of searching pdb file.

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I have a problem that, for some reason, dbghelp cannot find pdb file for module, so after MinidumpWriteDump function minidump does not contains information about symbols for main module. How can I reproduce the process of searching pdb file for module by MinidumpWriteDump function? Now I am trying to use SymLoadModuleEx function with SymSetOptions(SYMOPT_DEBUG);, but I am not sure if this is what MinidumpWriteDump does.

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    According to Getting the Symbols You Need,

    If you have built a DLL or an executable file on your computer, by default the linker places the full path and file name of the associated PDB file inside the DLL or the executable file. When you debug, the debugger first checks to see if the symbol file exists in the location that is specified inside the DLL or the executable file.

    You can check the release configuration and the MiniDumpWriteDump parameter compared to Writing a Minidump with Code.