Num lock is not synchronized between host and guest

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  • (host) have num lock led on on the host, keypad actions = digits
  • (host->vm) change focus to a freshly started linux vm
  • (vm) keypad actions = cursor movements
  • (vm) press num lock key in the vm
  • (vm) keypad actions = digits
  • (host) back on host, keypad actions = cursor movements
  • (host) press num lock on host
  • (host) back on host, keypad actions = digits
  • (vm) again in vm, keypad actions = digits

My VM is a linux, without extra settings. You can use any live ubuntu CD image. Host is an up-to-date Windows 10

As you can see, past approaches tried to fix the VM (, but the problem is the UI between Host and VM. The mentioned Linux works fine in VMware and VirtualBox, both with and without guest extensions

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    Please check if the Windows 10 host has installed the April 21, 2020—KB4550969, as far as I know, it may address the issue that Num Lock and Caps Lock keys out of sync between client and host during Remote Apps connection.

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