failed to encrypt sub-resource payload

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I have added a new feature to the collab branch and published the change to Dev Ops. When I created the release pipeline and deployed it failed with this error. I can't seem to see any info on this error anywhere so have to ask if there is a solution.

2022-04-20T05:14:34.9315414Z There were errors in your deployment. Error code: DeploymentFailed.
2022-04-20T05:14:34.9358712Z ##[error]At least one resource deployment operation failed. Please list deployment operations for details. Please see for usage details.
2022-04-20T05:14:34.9371797Z ##[error]Details:
2022-04-20T05:14:34.9375054Z ##[error]BadRequest: Failed to encrypt sub-resource payload {
  "Id": "/subscriptions/<subscription>/resourceGroups/CH/providers/Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/wb-adf-prd/linkedservices/dbconnxion",
  "Name": "dbconnxion",
  "Properties": {
    "annotations": [],
    "type": "AzureSqlDatabase",
    "typeProperties": {
      "connectionString": "********************"
} and error is: Message for the errorCode 'UserErrorInvalidDbConnectionString' not found..
2022-04-20T05:14:34.9378481Z ##[error]Check out the troubleshooting guide to see if your issue is addressed:


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  1. Wayne Bartkowski 631 Reputation points

    I resolved this issue but it is probably not "best practice" to do what I did.
    What I was doing was going into the release to edit the task. In the screen on the right is the override template parameters which is where I was adding the dbconnxion string. I tried both the <server> and the full connection string from the "show database connections strings" in the database blade. Neither worked.

    So then I went into the adf_publish branch and edited the ARMTemplateforFactory.json file - change the server name to production and then redployed the failed release successfully.

    Not quite as elegant a deployment as I had hoped but it worked.

    thnaks anyhow.

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