Azure Managed Instance for Cassandra - setup additional disks

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We provisioned an Azure Managed Instance for Cassandra (, and provisioned the nodes with 3x1TB disks, however, the available space on each node only registers as 20GB on the grafana dashboard. Is there any special configuration needed to allow the nodes to utilize the space on the additional disks?

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    Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra automates actions like deployment, scaling, and management of Apache Cassandra datacenters. It basically used for building hybrid deployments of Managed Instance and Cassandra, but it does not mean that your disks which uses for the Cassandra database are part of the Managed Instance database. This assumption probably lead to the misunderstanding about the behavior you describe.

    Grafana Dashboard is great tool to monitor SQL Server but if you want to monitor the disks used by Cassandra then you need to monitor Cassandra datacenters.

    In fact, you probably can build a hybrid dashboard which present both servers.

    There is an open source GitHub tool Metric Collector for Apache Cassandra (MCAC) which is based on Grafana Dashboard and is used for monitoring Apache Cassandra. Check the project here:

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