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I use Azure Database for PostgreSQL to build a DB environment.
I would like to ask the following questions regarding the Workload type selection items.
When selecting Production (Large-size), there was a description of availability, but when selecting Production (Small / Medium-size), there was no description of availability.
In fact, both have availability options, but why isn't availability mentioned in the Production (Small / Medium-size) description?

What is the specific difference between Production (Large-size) and Production (Small / Medium-size)?

I am looking forward to your answer. thank you.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL
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  1. Anurag Sharma 17,586 Reputation points

    Hi @Jie Shen , welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

    The workload type option indirectly specifies the default SKU for configuring the PostgreSQL Server as mentioned below:

    1. **Production (Small / Medium-size)**​: This is equivalent of selecting a 'General Purpose, D2ds_v4, 2 vCores, 8 GiB RAM, 128 GiB storage'.
    2. **Production (Large-size)**​: This is equivalent of selecting a 'Memory Optimized, E2ds_v4, 2 vCores, 16 GiB RAM, 512 GiB storage'
    3. Development: This is equivalent of selecting a 'Burstable, B1ms, 1 vCores, 2 GiB RAM, 32 GiB storage'.

    Now these are all default values of server and SKU when we choose respective workload type. We can still go ahead and change these values.

    As an example, if I select '***Production (Small / Medium-size)***​', by default high availability option will not be selected and we need to explicitly choose it as mentioned in below screenshot. But for '***Production (Large-size)***​' high availability is already selected.


    For 'Development' as it defaults to 'Burstable (1-2 vCores)' SKU, there is no option of high availability available. So if we want high availability we need to change the SKU to 'General Purpose'.

    So precisely, difference between these workloads is the suitable default SKU selection between Burstable, General Purpose and Memory Optimized and these SKU can still be changed for any of these workload types explicitely.

    Please let us know if this helps or else we can discuss further on the same.

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