How to configure REST API connector from SAP with MIM 2016?

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Hello There, Hope you are doing Good & Safe,

I have a couple of questions on SAP Web service REST API connector with MIM 2016 Sp2 integration.

  1. How to provide and configure REST API URL from MIM to SAP team to import the employees data?
  2. SAP will send full data imports from HR data as we not send delta data for the same, will this be possible to configure? how we can make sure to overwrite the users data which has only updated attribute values and remaining should not get update?
    3.Response from SAP on updating from MIM via API will be sent as success or failure as response , in case failure for any attribute needs to track and re pushed from MIM - will this be able to configure on MIM side?
    4.Alerts and logs for error, success will be present in MIM, will this be able to capture on MIM?
    5.Bulk API or multiple record API to be called from SAP to MIM, what would be best approach?

Kindly help on these questions?

We are already implemented MIM 2016 SP2 and we are plan to integrate SAP with MIM.

Thanks & Regards
Veerappa Kammar

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  1. Sylvain Clb 936 Reputation points

    Hello Veerappa Kammar,

    1. There is not a by design REST Api in MIM. If you need one please, look on this resourcemanagement-webservice . But it's not a best practice to do that. I would like to recommend to user MIM Sync engine to interface MIM Service and SAP.
    2. The MIM Sync engine can do a Full import from SAP. The engine is able to do the delta between SAP and MIM, to import only the changes.
    3. If you interface SAP with MIM Sync engine, the engine will try to apply failure updates at every export (until the export is successful)
    4. You will have counters (add,update,rename,delete) and logs on the sync engine console.
    5. Not sure to fully understand this point. You can do both as you can code your own cnnector/MA in MIM.

    Best Regards,

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  1. Veerappa kammar 21 Reputation points

    Hello Sylvain,

    Thank you very much for your valuable answer, appreciated.

    I would need clarification on below,

    REST API URL does works for integrating with MIM Web Service Connector

    Please help, how to integrate REST API URL with MIM Web Service connector to import the user data. i have got this below link to create REST Project file which Web service project( .WSCONFIG)

    however i am not able to understand what i would need put REST Resource, and also dont understand the how to create workflow, for me not getting the correct data from REST API.



    please provide the link or some details step by step doc to create .WSCONFIG with import, Export workflow utilizing the REST API URL.

    SAP team has developed the REST API which is in the Jason format(Employee data) like below,

    "RequestMIM": {
    "Trigger": "X",
    "EmployeeCode": ""

    but i am not sure what is value to provide in REST resource and would need complete steps to create Full Import and Export workflow.


    Not sure what would need to configure here(its Web Service Connector configuration in MIM sync engine, kindly confirm,


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  2. Veerappa Kammar 1 Reputation point

    Hello There,

    Please provide an update.


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