AVD - Windows 11 - fslogix problems - Vm size version 5

Sander Walraven 31 Reputation points

When we run AVD sessionshost with Windows 11 and fslogix, the users get random problems with Teams, Outlook and Edge. This occurs only when the vm size is a version 5. It doesn't matter which version 5 size (Exads_v5, Eyds_v5, or Dxds_v5).

Pproblems we experience:

  • teams doesn't start or the pane where the message are diplayed keeps empty
  • Outlook ost problems, or certificate warning
  • Edge random error pages

We see no events, which declare these problems.

When we disable fslogix and users have a local profile there are no issues, there is also no issue when we resize the sessionhost to a version 4 vm size (Exas_v4, Exds_v4, Dxds_v4, etc).

Are windows 11 sessionhosts compatible with vm sizes version 5?

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