Rename an existing shared mailbox and re-use the same primary smtp address and display name

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What is the best process to achieve this so that there's no mail routing issues. We have to do it due to Mailbox size as it outgrew the OST file of end users. We have applied necessary retention policies but to no avail.

Do we need to do anything for LegacyExchangeDN or X500 address (moving from old mailbox to new mailbox.)

We want to use the same email address and name. So basically rename the existing one, create a new one with the same name. But anything to do for LegacyExchangeDN or X500?

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  1. Vasil Michev 97,231 Reputation points MVP

    This looks like an overkill for me, there are plenty of controls to limit the size of a mailbox, or the size of the locally synced copy to avoid issues with Outlook. Perhaps you can open a new question with more details on that part?

    As for the actual question here, you'd probably want to "migrate" the LegacyExchangeDN as well, in order to preserve "reply-ability" for already received messages.

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  2. Bob Jones 21 Reputation points

    Best practice for shared mailboxes is to disable cached mode on the shared mail only, this should resolve the issues of growing OST files too large. Under Advanced settings for email, uncheck the "download shared folders" box. You may have to create a new profile with this setting as changing it will not reduce the size of the OST file that has already been saved to the system.


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  3. GoodResource 376 Reputation points

    @Bob Jones , We have tried and it is very slow. Due to cross premise permission and accessibility somehow this doesn't give adequate performance.

    @Vasil Michev , we tried limiting locally sync copy, retention policies but the mailbox and the team manages it requires emails on their mailboxes more than 3,6 or one year. Unfortunately the team uses it, simultaneously use 8-9 LARGE mailboxes and it is very tricky to limit OST size.

  4. Joyce Shen - MSFT 16,646 Reputation points

    Hi @GoodResource

    Are you using on-prem Exchange or hybrid?

    I found this thread discussed the similar issue, you could take a reference, it lists the steps we need to perform:
    Rename Shared mailbox and reuse Primary Address



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