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Looking at the documentation for the EVENT_HEADER structure, the TimeStamp member's documentation is as follows:

Contains the time that the event occurred. The resolution is system time unless the ProcessTraceMode member of EVENT_TRACE_LOGFILE contains the PROCESS_TRACE_MODE_RAW_TIMESTAMP flag, in which case the resolution depends on the value of the Wnode.ClientContext member of EVENT_TRACE_PROPERTIES at the time the controller created the session.

My ProcessTraceMode is set to PROCESS_TRACE_MODE_EVENT_RECORD, so I expect the resolution of the TimeStamp to be system time.

My question is, is the TimeStamp guaranteed to be a UTC timestamp?

If it is not guaranteed to be a UTC timestamp, how can I convert it to a UTC timestamp?

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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    According to the Doc: TimeStamp

    TimeStamp data type is the same as that of the FILETIME structure.

    To convert a FILETIME structure into a time that is easy to display to a user, use the FileTimeToSystemTime function.

    You could try to use FileTimeToSystemTime function to convert a file time to system time format. System time is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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