Dynamically Splitting Workspace

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I want to be able to swipe the corner of any panel and split that panel into two identical panels inside the space of the original. This style follows Blender 3D's style of workspace division. Each panel represents a type of workspace. So I might have a stackpanel for various properties, and another panel to render D3D. If the mouse is swiped at the corner of the panel, the panel divides into two of the same panel. After it divides, there is a dropdown switch to choose between panel uses. So if the D3D panel is split into two D3D panels, one can then be switched to a properties panel. I'm hoping for some recommendations on this, a general workflow. Or if it's just not possible, a heads up. I'm pretty sure it is possible, but I can't find anything that really goes that deep. Most resizing seems automagic.

What I think I'll have to do:

i) mouse trigger
ii) hitbox corners
iii) delta mouse
iv) delete panel using code
v) insert two new panels using code

I guess all the properties for panels are built in. The panels should resize too so there would be the matter of resizing all affected panels in real time.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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