Get intersection of 2 string arrays

Diego Alvarez 101 Reputation points

Hello. I try to get the intersection of 2 string arrays using an implementation of IEqualityComparer. But for some reason the Equals method is not executed. I put a breakpoint but the execution doesn't stop there. Do you know the reason? Thank you. I attach the code.



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  1. Andrew Bezkorovayny 6 Reputation points

    @Diego Alvarez your code is working fine for me, too. you can find evidence here:

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  2. LesHay 7,091 Reputation points

    You need to post code in a code block (5th from left in toolbar), unless you expect people here to copy from your image and retype everything.

    Anywat, can't answer your question as I can't view your code. I think it is about getting matches (or differences) in string arrays - if so, check this image out.


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  3. Diego Alvarez 101 Reputation points

    Hello LesHay-2099. Thank you for your reply. This is the code:

    if (valoresCondicion.Intersect(numeroOperando.Textos, new ComparadorTextosInformacion(
                                        valorCondicion = true;
    public class ComparadorTextosInformacion : IEqualityComparer<string>
            public TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion TipoOpcionCondicion_TextosInformacion { get; set; }
            public ComparadorTextosInformacion(TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion tipoOpcion)
                TipoOpcionCondicion_TextosInformacion = tipoOpcion;
            public bool Equals(string x, string y)
                switch (TipoOpcionCondicion_TextosInformacion)
                    case TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion.ContengaTexto:
                        return x.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower().Contains(y.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower());
                    case TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion.EmpiecenCon:
                        return x.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower().StartsWith(y.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower());
                    case TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion.TerminenCon:
                        return x.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower().EndsWith(y.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower());
                    case TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion.TextoDistinto:
                    case TipoOpcionImplicacion_AsignacionTextoInformacion.TextoIgual:
                        return x.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower().Equals(y.Replace("\t", string.Empty).Trim().ToLower());
                return false;
            public int GetHashCode(string obj)
                return obj.GetHashCode();
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  4. Andrew Bezkorovayny 6 Reputation points

    Please check the example, the comparer works fine for me, all methods are triggered:

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  5. Diego Alvarez 101 Reputation points

    andriyb The code doesn't work for me in my VS project. Will it be a configuration?

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