Does Azure Function Isolated Process support Identity-based connections

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Hello everyone !!!

So I have a simple Azure Function Isolated process with HttpTrigger which sends data to EventHub through output binding. I have completed all the instructions as the documentation suggests. But I got the following error whenever I run the function:

2022-04-24T17:16:16.797 [Error] Executed 'Functions.ManagedIdentitiesFunction' (Failed, Id=9c5b9d73-6fbc-4cad-922b-bac5fdd32836, Duration=7ms)Unable to resolve the value for property 'EventHubAttribute.Connection'. Make sure the setting exists and has a valid value.

I have provided all the necessary permissions of my Function App Managed Identity inside the Azure EventHub. But still not working. I have created a similar function app with InProcess mechanism. It seems to be working with that. Also documentation has not clearly mentioned whether it should work with Isolated Process or not If I am not wrong !!!

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  1. Ahsan Habib 121 Reputation points

    So I have confirmed that Azure Function Isolated Process supports Identity-based connections. The issue is, I was using Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker.Extensions.EventHubs package with v4.3.0 which is the latest stable at this time. However, Identity-based connections is supported with v5.0.0-beta.6 which is in beta now.

    For further clarification, anyone may refer to this issue: