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Performance Excellence Through Power of Competence

A competency is an underlying characteristic of the person that leads to or causes effective or superior performance.” – Richard Boyatzis

The corporate world is witnessing a transformational shift in terms of rethinking strategic intervention for organizations to adopt and sustain in the competitive environment. What gives the organization a competitive edge is acquiring/possessing a set of competencies by its valued human capital to sail through turbulent times.

Accordingly, the need for identifying, assessing and nurturing competencies critical to the organization success cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, competency mapping has become the need of the hour.

What is Competency Mapping?
Competency mapping is defined as the process of identifying the specific skills, abilities, knowledge, and behaviours that are required to operate effectively and efficiently in a specific job or organization.

Competency mapping can

Identify key attributes and help in higher productivity
Improving employee’s strengths and areas of development
Evaluate suitability of an individual for a particular role/position
Anticipate developmental needs to keep organization ‘future-ready’.

Why Your Organization Needs Competency Mapping?
Companies are adopting the competence approach to link business strategies to individual performance efforts. Due to the altering organizational needs, companies today strategically invest in understanding and enhancing their employees’ competencies. Through competency mapping, organizations can develop capabilities that are useful as the organization evolves.

Naman’s [Competency Mapping][2] Framework
Naman have developed competency mapping exercises that are based on structured methodologies and time-tested principles to evolve a comprehensive job competency matrix and dictionary.

Our expertise lies in our proven experience and capability in mapping both functional and managerial/ behavioural competencies. In the functional space, we have mapped competencies both for technical and business support functions, across industry segments. Our bank of consultants consists of professionals from varied backgrounds from Psychology to Engineering backed with industry experience, which enables us to meet your overall needs.

Our in-house consultants are certified to conduct competency mapping exercises using structured approaches like Visionary Interviews, Repertory Grid, Work Profile, Critical Incidents, Forced Ranking, Job Shadowing and the like, to enable comprehensive picture of the role to facilitate identification of competencies for superior/effective performance.

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