Working with Dotnet and Sql edge on M1 mac nuget packages

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Im new to mac, I have an M1 mac mini, Im using Visual Studio for M1 mac as well

Recently I have Installed docker with sql edge container in it.

In order to make my Web API projects more efficient,

I couldn't figure it out if I need some NuGet packages to make it work,

Can you please tell which NuGet packages should I install if any ,and direct me to some guides that I can learn more about
working with dotnet and sql edge on m1 mac ?

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
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    for all intent and purposes, azure sql edge is sqlserver 2019. use its docs.

    you should download azure data studio for the Mac:

    if you correctly exported the port 1433 you should be able to connect

    server: localhost
    authentication type: SQL Login
    user name: sa
    password: <your sa password>

    to work with dotnet you have several options

    nuget Microsoft.Data.SqlClient (AdoNet) is the preferred for SqlServer (replacing System.Data.SqlClient)

    you can also use entity framework: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore

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