3 property bags objects but only 2 alerts

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I have a script that checks alerts from an api and returns a propertybag for each obejct it finds. The script is run by an Alert Rule (PS) snippet from Kevin Holmans library

I can see in my logs (Operations Manager) that it outputs 3 "System.__ComObject". However, I only get 2 alerts. It always ignores the first one.
Suppression is turned off in the rule.

The foreach loop below:

    foreach($object in $objects)

            $ID = $object.id
            $Severity = $object.severity
            $Time = get-epochDate $object.time_noticed
            $ResolveTime = get-epochDate $object.resolve_time
            $ErrorSpec = $object.specifier
            $Message = $object.causes | out-string
            $Resolved = $object.resolved

            $LastError = $Time
            #$CurrentDate = (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-15)
            $CurrentDate = (Get-Date).AddHours(-24)

              if ($LastError -gt $CurrentDate){

             $scriptOutput += "Error found: $object`n"
                $scriptOutput += "ID: $ID`n"   

              ### Add property bag values ###

              ### Create a new property bag
              $propertyBag = $momScriptAPI.CreatePropertyBag();

              ### Return property bag
              $scriptOutput += "Propertybag $propertyBag`n"   



Any suggestions?

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    CyrAz 5,166 Reputation points

    You create the propertybag at the end of the loop, so the first time the loop runs all $propertybag.Addvalue() commands are failing and the first propertybag returned is empty.
    You have the create the propertybag before you add anything to it

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