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One of my domain connected windows 11 pcs is always returning the static DNS server address whenever I change the wifi connection. I configured the DNS server address manually before but then removed it.

Is it a bug in Windows 11?


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  1. Hendrik Röder 26 Reputation points


    I noticed that today to. After setting a static DNS Server on adapter level, the address seems to be replicated to the Key "ProfileNameServer" in the list of the interfaces in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces" in the registry.

    When switching back to DHCP, these values are still present. IMHO this seems to be a bug. After deleting those values and rebooting, the correct DHCP-given DNS server was used.

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  2. Dave Patrick 426.3K Reputation points MVP

    What happens if you ipconfig /registerdns

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  3. Limitless Technology 39,461 Reputation points


    Thank you for your question and reaching out.

    If the client computer is using a static IP address, follow these steps on the client computer to remove the record from the DNS server:

    Clear the Register this connection's addresses in DNS check box.

    Trigger the registration of the DNS record. To do this, use one of the following steps, which are listed in the order of preference:

    Restart the DNS Client service.

    Restart the Windows-based computer.

    Open a Command Prompt window as administrator, and then run the ipconfig /registerdns command.

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  4. create share 646 Reputation points

    To resolve the problem temporarily, I removed the DNS Server address manually for every wifi connection the user was connecting to. I will follow the above steps when the user is available again.

    Thanks to All.

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  5. Dave Patrick 426.3K Reputation points MVP

    configured the DNS server address manually before but then removed it.

    The client cannot update records it does not own (manually created records). Client needs to be the owner of the record in order to update it which is what happens when the DNS client creates a record or you did ipconfig /registerdns from client.

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