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Xamarin IOS Debugging Error

I am using visual studio 2019 version 16.11.13 on my windows 10 machine. In my Xamarin project, I connected an iphone device with a usb connection. But I cannot debug my Xamarin application on this device. I worked on the simulator constantly before. For the first time, I want to connect a physical device and debug it. I don't know about the subject, can you help me?
I downloaded iTunes on my Windows machine and made the phone connections.
I ask for your opinions and help. @WenyanZhang-MSFT
Thanks in advance.


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Hi @GKSELYCE-3334 , May I know if you have got any chance to check my answer? I am glad to help if you have any other questions.

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From the error message, we can see it says that the provisioning profile is not found. Since you are debugging by Hot Restart, make sure you have entered your Apple Developer account and enable automatic provisioning in the project.

But I have to say, there is a known issue being tracked at It's related to automatic provisioning. There are temporary workarounds documented in the bug report.

So, It's suggested that you can use Manual provisioning for Xamarin.iOS, and refer to the above workarounds to import the certificate and profile.

In addition, you can connect your device with mac then pair to mac, and debug on your device. At this time, we still have to choose Manual provisioning for Xamarin.iOS.

Best Regards,
Wenyan Zhang

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Unfortunately, I couldn't get any results. I still can't connect.
It is very strange, web api requests can be made on the device using the Iphone 13 128 GB 15.4.1 version. But web api requests cannot be made on the device using the iPhone 13 256 GB 15.4.1 version.

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but I can access the web api service through the browser on the device.

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You still couldn't deploy the app on your device, right? Are there any other error messages? Have you checked your certificates and provisioning profile?Refer to You could try to create an empty project via Xcode (Bundle Identifier should be the same as in your current Xamarin project), and go to Signing &Capabilities, then check the Profile.
In addition, you could try to connect your iPhone with Mac, and try to deploy the app via VS for Mac.

About the Webview issue, it's suggested that you could try to create a new thread for it, and provide some code snippets about your webview and server request so that I can test. It's helpful for investigating the issue. And you could mention me to let me know the new thread link. We can work together to figure it out.

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Unfortunately I couldn't. I'm trying to look at the error logs using TestFlight.
When making a request to the web api,
status code: 0
I get the message specified value invalid control characters. The request is never made. Do you have any idea about it?

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Are there any spaces or special characters in the HTTP header? You could also check if you get this error when parsing the response JSON data, but you said the request is never made, it may not be caused by the response. You could share the detail error message with me, then I can check which method throws this error. I have to say, it's better that you could provide some code snippets so that I can test and investigate the issue.
And, you still couldn't deploy the app to your real physical device, you could share more information with me, such as your steps, your Entitlement key or others.
In addition, you might need to open a support ticket for this. You could contact our paid phone support at MS Support. You will get 1:1 support on that.

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Hello there,
I found the error and edited it. Now I can access the web api.
My error was due to the character in the device information I sent when making the request. I still could not connect the physical device, but I detected the problem and released an update. Thank you very much for all your help and patience with me before and so far.

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