Filter excel file based on multiple criteria and copy filtered contents to another sheet

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I have multiple excel files, I want to filter a column name ( Items) using multiple criteria and paste the contents into another excel file. Sample source excel file attached.


In this example, I want to filter using criteria "Rice", "Vegetables" and "Butter" and copy to another sheet.
I have come up with the below code, it completes however it does not copy anything.



$column = 2   
$sfile = "C:\Temp\FileA.xlsx"  
$criteria = "Rice","Vegetables","Butter"  
$xl = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application  
$xl.Visible = $false  
$swb = $xl.Workbooks.Open("$sfile")  
$swb = $swb.Worksheets.Item(1)  
$srange = $swb.UsedRange  
$srange.AutoFilter($column, $criteria)  
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  1. Rich Matheisen 45,671 Reputation points

    My advice: don't use the Excel.Application COM object (or any other COM object, but especially anything related to MS Office) if you can. It's unlikely you'll find MS Office installed on a server, and many office apps are security problems waiting to happen.

    Instead, install the ImportExcel module (Install-Module ImportExcel -Scope <your-choice-here>) and then do the work using PowerShell:

    $criteria = "Rice","Vegetables","Butter"
    $column = 'Items'
    Import-Excel -Path c:\Junk\sourcecopy.xlsx |        # imports 1st worksheet by default
            if ($criteria -contains $_.$column){
        } | Export-Excel -Path c:\junk\File1.xlsx
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  2. Sam White 26 Reputation points

    Please suggest how to accomplish this using the AutoFilter or AdvancedFilter method. Due to some limitations I cannot use the module you have suggested.

  3. Sam White 26 Reputation points

    Any suggestions on this?

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  4. Sam White 26 Reputation points

    Any example on how to use the advanced filter for this case?

  5. Sam White 26 Reputation points

    Any suggestions on this?

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