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Dear Azure community,

The MS Windows Support colleagues passed on my ticket to the Azure team to resolve the following issue:

I was using my Outlook with a university MS account / my university email adress during my studies at that university. Now I graduated and my university email account is deactivated, I tired to switch Outlook to my Office Family license that I had purchased and that is active - without success. All other Office Apps (Word, Excel, etc.) work just fine, but Outlook does not, at all, it does not recognize the email adress linked to my Office Family license. 

The MS Windows support team already de- and reinstalled Office, and deleted the university registration account from my system, but could not resolve the issue (chat time with the Windows Support team on this issue was 2,5h).

They asked me to contact the Azure community / experts  at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure/ct-p/Azure and also passed my ticket on to the MS Azure team.

Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Office Management
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  1. Emily Hua-MSFT 27,591 Reputation points

    Hi @Eva HM

    I am mainly responsible for general issues with the Office desktop clients on Q&A forum.

    Could you please go to Outlook > Office Account, check the information under Product Information?
    It's recommended to take a screenshot and share with us. Please note, to protect your privacy information, you need to cover part of the email account.

    Then I suggest you search CMD, right-click the Command Prompt and run as administrator. Then copy and paste the command below in it, click Enter at last:
    cscript.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs" /dstatus

    (If you are running 32-bit Office on a 64-bit operating system)
    cscript.exe "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs" /dstatus

    And then, please also take a screenshot like the image below, and past here for better analysis.

    > deleted the university registration account from my system

    Did they help you unlinke your university account from Windows Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts and Accessing Work or School?

    Currently, I would like to suggest you close all Office apps, go to Credential Manager > Windows Credentials, remove the credentials related to Office includes Outlook.
    Then restart Outlook and sign into your new licensed account to have a check.

    Any updates, welcome to post back.

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  2. Eva HM 1 Reputation point

    Hello @Emily Hua-MSFT , thanks for checking back. I followed all your indications, unfortunately, without results:

    1. In the script, there were no keys detected
    2. I did not find any Office credentials (of any sorts) checking in the Credentials Manager. I created one with the valid personal email account connected to my current Office Family License and tried to open Outlook afterwards - but Outlook did not open.
    3. Yes, all school / work accounts were deleted

    I think the Azure level needs to take a look at this. What would be the next steps?

    Thank you and best regards,


  3. Eva HM 1 Reputation point

    Thank you, @Emily Hua-MSFT .

    I am not sure I need to go to Azure community or the Azure level on the Q&A forum.
    Are there any other ideas that come to mind from the Q&A forum / "office deployment" focus, without Azure?
    If not, I would escalate my issue to Azure level.

    Please let me know.



  4. Eva HM 1 Reputation point

    Hello @Emily Hua-MSFT ,

    Thanks for your persistence and thorough troubleshooting.
    It took me a while to get all the screenshots and steps you asked me for. Here I go (please see the screenshot titles so you understand which each one is):

    1. Error messages I get trying to look into Outlook are attached. I also attached screenshot of accessing Word, which works, but still contains the university account (see step 3) and I have to go through it me every time I open Word.
    2. Screenshot of the dsstatus command, also attached
    3. Yes, I have a MS 365 Family subscription.
    4. I don´t recall if the MS Windows support team reinstalled Office from Services & subscriptions webpage.
    5. I can´t get into the Outlook to check the version of it (because if does not open in the first place), hence I can not compare it with the version of Office I have a license for. There is a MS Family 365 version number screenshot attached to this message, though. Does that help?
    6. I went into the Registry Editor and deleted all entries that countained my university email account. I rebooted my computer and tried to get into Outlook afterwards, without success.