azure batch samples for python - sample 2

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I am looking at azure batch sample 2 for python:

As far as I can see, the 'command line' for the pool StartTask simply executes a python script

ie: "python " + _SIMPLE_TASK_NAME,

and the task generated within the job does exactly the same thing.

this implies that python is available on the node before the StartTask is executed - but I was under the impression from the other documentation - that the purpose of the pool StartTask is to to prepare the nodes, eg by installing any software (such as python) that the jobs will require.

I cannot see any other initialization/preparation steps in this example - does this mean that python is pre-installed and available on the node VMs, or only for some images, or ? ........


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Azure Batch
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    Thanks for the question @AJG ,

    All Linux nodes can execute Python scripts by default. You can prepare custom images for nodes but the default Linux nodes can execute python scripts without any additional work. Your interpretation of the code sample is correct in that StartTask executes a python script on a node from the pool. For more information about Nodes and Pools see this doc here. If this answered your question please mark this answer as accepted.

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