SSRS Subscription triggered on wrong month

Smith, Stephen M 6 Reputation points


Any idea why this schedule resulted in execution today 9/1/2020 when September is not selected?

SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Reporting Services
A SQL Server technology that supports the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, web-based reports.
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  1. Brian 1 Reputation point

    Had the same issue today as well with reports scheduled for Oct 1st.

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  2. Reporting Tom 1 Reputation point

    The SSRS creates a SQL Agent Job to execute the report. I'm guessing that you changed the subscription to the report at some point in the last month. What happens when you update a subscription is it drops the old Job and creates a new one. With the ones scheduled for Quarterly in SSRS it uses the SQL Agent's schedule logic which is to run every three months after the start date, but when the the job is recreated it loses the last run date for the Job that it uses to calculate the third month to run in, and so it just starts with the next month. There are ways around this, but I find it is easier to just delete the old subscription each time and create a brand new one, instead of editing the existing one and having this issue.

  3. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,361 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    From the screenshot it should not behave like this , I suggest you to find the corespondent SQL Agent job for this subscription, and check the schedule in the job, see if in the job, it has same configuration.


    Another thought is that your case is much like this thread: SSRS Subscription Not Running On Correct Months

    Have you made this subscription in the middle of August ? That may let SQL Server determine 1st Sept. is the nearest for 1st Aug. this year, that may cause this behavior.
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  4. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,361 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Smith, Stephen M ,
    Has your issue been resolved?
    If you have any question, please feel free to let me know.

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  5. MjSnyd 1 Reputation point

    This same thing happened to me. I had subscriptions set to run on the last day of the quarter for some and the first day of quarter for another and the ran on Jan 30 & 31 and Feb 1. The DBA found that the start date was set to a future date however I had not made any changes to these reports or subscriptions and they had ran as expected previously.