How to return from async Task method?

JeffinAtl 161 Reputation points

My method is async Task like following.

public async Task MyMethod()
    string[] lists = GetCustomerLists();

    foreach (string lst in lists)
        // do somethong
        // if meet some condition to return

What is the correct way to return from the method among the followings?

  1. break;
  2. return;
  3. await Task.CompletedTask;
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  1. Jamie Hayashi 121 Reputation points

    I'm using break(); on this example.

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  1. Bruce ( 35,791 Reputation points

    just return or break if you want fall though to the end of the method.

    because it is an async method, the compiler will convert the return/exit to a return task.

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  2. Karen Payne MVP 31,001 Reputation points

    Here is an abstract example where all Customers from a specific country are returned in a class named CustomerOperations.

    This it's Entity Framework but that doesn't matter, the same applies for other read operations. Think of context.Customers as string[] lists = GetCustomerLists();

    public static async Task<List<Customers>> ByCountry(int countryIdentifier)
        return await Task.Run(async () =>
            await using var context = new NorthwindContext();
            return await context.Customers
                .Where(customer => customer.CountryIdentifier == countryIdentifier)
                .Select(customer => customer)


    public static async Task Demo()
        int identifier = 12;
        var customers = await CustomerOperations.ByCountry(identifier);
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