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Azure Logic Apps Connection to SFTP by On Premise Data Gate Way

We are looking to use the SFTP connection by Logic Apps. The problem is that the SFTP server IP whitelisting. The Server whitelist the IP of our Integration Window server. But we can't use the gateway feature on SFTP connection by logic apps although we have integration runtime available on SFTP ADF connection.

Any help with the problem and is there any others way we can use the Gateway feature?

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Hi @AungKyawThet-9719 - Could you elaborate on the difficulties in whitelisting? Are you looking to have your on-prem SFTP servers whitelist the IPs from Logic Apps?

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Hi Mike,

Thank for your concern. Yes, I have on-prem SFTP Server need to whitelist the IP of Azure Logic Apps. But Logic Apps have bunch of IP depends on the region. What I am looking for is the Single Static IP address. Azure suggest ISE feature, but it is an expensive product for us to use just for static IP.

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Thanks for confirming, @AungKyawThet-9719. What you're trying to tackle is a common scenario and for its cost-effective solution, we recommend leveraging the turn-key API Management integration option that @KamleshKumar posted below. Alternatively, you can always implement your own custom solution (i.e.: with a Webapp or Function App) that dynamically reads the Logic Apps IPs and maintains the whitelist for your SFTP server. Could you take a look at the APIM integration and let @KamleshKumar and I know if you have any questions?

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KamleshKumar answered

Hi There,

Thank you for asking this question on the Microsoft Q&A Platform.

In normal, Azure logic app(Azure Pass service) provides a set of IPs for each region. You can find these IPs from here.

Besides, if you want to set up the static IP for logic app, you can you can set up an integration service environment (ISE) for hosting logic apps. Then all the ISE instances can use a single, public, static, and predictable IP address to communicate with the destination systems that you want.

Meanwhile, you also can use Azure API Management to act as a reverse proxy for the Logic App. Meaning you could set up API Management (which has a single IP address) to accept calls from the Logic App and proxy them to any end-system you want so they always appear to be from that IP Address regardless of the source. For more details, please refer to here.

Kamlesh Kumar
BizTalk Techie

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