"C1083 Cannot open include file" when converting to 64 bit project

Thomas Frink - Amerden AGVS 21 Reputation points

Sorry if this question is redundant, but have tried many suggestion. I have a solution with multiple C++ projects configured for 32 bit system. The project builds with no errors, but when I setup the projects for 64 bit system I get a hand full of custom header files that the compiler says "C1083 Cannot open include file: "name.h".
I have made sure that I have added the path to were the header file is located, but still get the errors. I am not sure if being a 64 bit target the system is looking in a different location than the original location when setup as a 32 bit system or I need to look at the header file and make changes due to being a 64 bit system now. This is a project that was created in vs 2015 by another person years ago. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Tom

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