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Setup was unable to register host with configuration server

We are migration on-Premises physical windows servers to Azure Cloud. We have azure migrate project created in our portal and we have deployed Configuration server in On-Premises in order to replicate to azure. We can able to install unified agent setup(Mobility Agent) to all physical server and configure it to configuration server. But for one of the server, we are getting error as shown as below. Please find the screenshot.


See errors from the log below.

~> (05-03-2022 22:59:24): ERROR 5288 4396 1855

CxProxy::RegisterHostStaticInfo encountered exception I:\SRC\release\InMage-Azure-SiteRecovery\host\config\talwrapper.cpp(107)[TalWrapper::post] CurlWrapper Post failed : server :, port : 443, phpUrl : request_handler.php, secure : true, ignoreCurlPartialError : false with error: [at I:\SRC\release\InMage-Azure-SiteRecovery\host\curlwrapperlib\curlwrapper.cpp:CurlWrapper::processCurlResponse:212] failed to post request: (56) - Failure when receiving data from the peer.

~> (05-03-2022 22:59:24): DEBUG 5288 4396 1856 EXITED CxProxy::RegisterHostStaticInfo

~> (05-03-2022 22:59:24): DEBUG 5288 4396 1857 RegisterHostStaticInfo returned update failure

~> (05-03-2022 22:59:24): ERROR 5288 4396 1858 RegisterHostStaticInfo failed with update failure. Immediate retry with interval 120 seconds will occur in case host did not register atleast once.

~> (05-03-2022 22:59:24): ERROR 5288 4396 1865 FAILED:sendAlertToCx call failed for alert id, parameters and module: EA0418@a:3:{s:2:"Ip";s:14:"";s:8:"IsSecure";s:3:"yes";s:4:"Port";s:3:"443";}@1@8

10:59:54:Writing to INI file Section 'vxagent.transport', Key 'Hostname', Value ''. File Path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent\Application Data\etc\drscout.conf'
10:59:54:Removing key from INI file Section 'vxagent', Key 'ExternalIpAddress'. File Path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\agent\Application Data\etc\drscout.conf'
10:59:54:Setup was unable to register host with Configuration Server.
11:01:23:Updating configuration status as Failed in registry.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mobility agent also.
I am unable to upload log file for now as it is showing upload error. IF required i will try to share later . Please help. What could be the possible causes for this issue.


Thanks in Advance.

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Hello @VenkatesanSG-6548 Thank you for your post and I apologize for the delayed response!

From the details provided, it seems you are migrating your on-premise physical servers to Azure using Azure migrate and one of the server failed to register with configuration server.

From error details, it appears to be a proxy issue. Have you configured proxy?
Is the server in question in the same subnet as other servers?

After proceeding to remove the installed agent, restart the machine and re-install according to recommendations.
If that doesn't work, execute this command “set NO_PROXY=<CS IP>” (replacing with the IP address of the appliance) on the source machine.

Hope this helps!

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