ADF Shared Self Hosted VM deployment

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I have Self hosted VM IR running on my SIT ADF and this is shared across DEV/UAT.
From DEV(master branch)when i publish it below Attributes are available in my RELEASE and BUILD pipeline

        "vm_name": {
        "value": "[concat(parameters('factoryName'), '/bi-vm')]"
    "vm_type": {
        "value": "Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/integrationRuntimes"
    "vm_apiVersion": {
        "value": "2018-06-01"
    "vm_properties": {
        "value": {
            "type": "SelfHosted",
            "typeProperties": {
                "linkedInfo": {
                    "resourceId": "/subscriptions/xxx/resourcegroups/xx/providers/Microsoft.DataFactory/factories/xx/integrationruntimes/vm",
                    "authorizationType": "Rbac"
    "vm_dependsOn": {
        "value": [

Now I wanted to add variable to these 4 parameter(vm_name,vm_apiVersion,vm_properties,vm_dependsOn) in Library and link them in BUILD Override template parameters.
but it fails at very beginning giving error

[error]The request content was invalid and could not be deserialized: 'Error converting value "[parameters('vm_dependsOn')]" to type 'Azure.Deployments.Core.Entities.TemplateGenericProperty`1[System.String][]'. Path 'properties.template.resources[71].dependsOn', line 1, position 254524.'.

how to fix this?how can i pass these 4 variable to Override template parameters

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