My Azure functions are working locally, but not when deployed

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I have a Static Web App, with Azure functions for a backend. Using local development, I can get the functions to work, but when deployed they return 500 or 404. The functions work locally when I use fetch with localhost:7071 i.e. fetch('https://localhost:7071/api/getName?game=slug') but not with fetch('/api/getName?game=slug').

I'm using a SvelteKit front-end, with the svelte-adapter-azure-swa. I'm really confused because I've gotten other similar applications to work (with React front end).

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    what is the full (absolute) url when the following method is called:


    Does it really point to function app url? Also did you try to trigger it from Azure portal (Function app > Functions > {functionName} > Code + Test > Test/Run)?

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